About Us


Portland Church of the Nazarene has been a part of the fabric of Portland, Michigan for over ninety years.  We exist to serve the spiritual needs of families in our community.

Our Vision

Central to that existence and vital to our growth is a deep desire to equip children to make value-based decisions as teens and become successful contributing family members and citizens as adults.  Statistics show that children who grasp religious fundamentals and translate those beliefs into personal practice have a much greater success rate for enjoying strong, healthy teen and adult years.  What a wonderful investment in marriage, family and community!

Our Mission

Portland Church of the Nazarene believes God has given us the mission of helping children succeed in life. Every decision we make revolves around whether that decision stays true to our mission.  Our Family Life Center is reflective of that mission with an indoor playground of 2,400 square feet, a full sized gymnasium and a 1,200 square foot teen center surrounded by numerous learning and activity rooms. Our staff not only impact those who attend our church but the extended community.

Our Goal

To challenge the hearts and minds of individuals to fully engage in Christian living by using the resources only the Word of God provides through learning and growing in a positive, supportive environment.

Our Strategy

To offer every age the opportunity to learn, believe, grow and pursue the dreams God has for them.

Our Objective

We want you to know how important you and your family are to us.  A mixture of opportunities are available for numerous electives providing fundamental building blocks.  Worship, Christian education, and more are among the ministries that show how serious we are about meeting the needs of families.  We’re putting our focus, our time and our money where it counts. 

Our Purpose

To reach the largest number of people for Christ, bringing them into the fellowship of Portland Nazarene, teaching the Word of God, and promoting salvation; teaching the doctrines of the Christian faith and promoting Christ-like character; helping to establish Christian homes; preparing believers for membership in the church and equipping them for appropriate Christian ministries.

Our Leadership Team

Nazarenes whose lives bear public witness to the grace of God that calls us to a holy life; who are in harmony with the doctrines, policy, and practices of the Church of the Nazarene; and who support our church faithfully.